The Better Banquet Table!

Rent Or Buy! Patent Approved!

A Great Seat Every Time

Create a Comeptitive Advantage for your events by giving ALL your guests a great seat! Give them a reason to come back! Also Increase your seating capacity by up to 15% in MOST Ballrooms!


More Seats

*Depending on room size & shape*
The Event Table…Re-Invented

Maximize Seating Capacity

Due to the Delta Table’s unique angles, it can increase your capacity by 15%.

Combine Them Together

Combine two Delta Tables together to create a 20 person conference table, or the Head Table at your Wedding!

Upgrade Your Experience

Have meetings the way they were always meant to be! Everyone facing the same direction, while staying engage with their group, all while being comfortable!

Plays Well With Others

Spice up your Event! The Delta Table works great in many different configurations with all types of tables.
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University of Denver

Thrive Workplace

Allwell Rents

Mediterranean Beach Resort


More Seats (Depending on room size & shape)



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What People Have Been Saying.
“Delta Tables provides the Hospitality Industry with the banquet table of the Future! For DECADES guests have been plagued by the classic round tables at events”
Gary Gaessler

Co-Founder, Cloud Elements & VP Sales Nventify

“Great for Business Meetings & Conferences. All 10 people can face the speaker and have their laptops and papers in front of them.”
Mark Hart

Co-Founder, Think Social Revenue

Delta Tables

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